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Royal Engineered Composites employs about 150 people in our Central Nebraska location. We have 85,000 sq. ft. of building on 10 acres of land. Our Engineering and Product Development team consists of 12 individuals, and our quality department employs 14. 

Royal Front View

Royal strives to achieve 98 percent on-time delivery. To accomplish this goal without fudging, we developed a proprietary scheduling system based on Theory of Constraints as we believe ERP software will not allow for efficient scheduling.

Royal has five autoclaves, up to 8’ diameter. A sixth autoclave with a 12’ diameter arrived in July 2013 and is expected to be operational by September 2013. All autoclaves and ovens are computer controlled and all cures digitally recorded, temperature and vacuum. Royal can also compression mold parts up to 20 x 24” with our 3 presses.   

We have 4 clean rooms to prevent contamination between different resins and reinforcements. The largest clean room is 20,000 sq. ft. with another at 10,000 sq. ft..  

Royal has 6 CNC mills which are used on close tolerance parts. Two mills are 5-axis, and the largest is a 4 x 20’ 5-axis Flow water jet cutter with 40” of vertical height.

We have a large spray booth, and we maintain a dust free, air conditioned area where parts are trimmed, drilled and assembled.

Royal can shape, bevel, and pot small honeycomb cores to make simple or complex honeycomb panels.  

Royal has always had low turnover of our employees. We train our people continually, with recertification to all process specifications as necessary. As we continue to grow, we continue to promote from within whenever possible and maintain a training budget that is equal is 3 percent of payroll. Operating an aerospace company in rural Nebraska has forced us to excel in training our people.  

The Quality Department maintains Nadcap and AS9100 qualifications and passes about 12 different customer audits annually. We have A- and C-scan ultrasonic nondestructive testing as well as the equipment for normal mechanical and physical tests.  

Royal designs and builds many of the molds we use. We mill molds from aluminum or fabricate composite tooling. Steel molds are purchased from qualified vendors. Royal still makes some parts on disposable, plaster molds.

Previously, Royal operated on Lean concepts but changed to Theory of Constraints in order to accomplish a higher percent on-time delivery. Both systems stress low work-in-process, fast change over, scrap reduction efforts, and processing parts in batches of one or two. The difference is in how work flows through the shop. 

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