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Our Culture


    Only with honesty is there communication and trust
    Strong performance is our brand, a quality product on time
    In our people, our technology, our company, our customers 
    We hold people accountable for contribution to
    company results and treat each other with respect 
  Have a Life
    Recognize and support our lives away from work 

Culture Statement

 How We Work
We do what it takes to get the job done.
- We are not afraid of a challenge.
- We support our team of owners and help out where needed.
- We face our problems and work to solve them.
- We aim to exceed expectations, not just meet them.
- We crave structure and defined processes.
- We look ahead and plan for our future.

What We Believe
- We believe that the quality of our owners is reflected in the quality of our work.
- We believe that owners should be held accountable for their actions.
- We believe that change is a positive thing.
- We believe that all owners deserve to be treated with respect.
- We believe that we should always strive to improve our processes and ourselves.
- We believe that owners should be driven by factors other than money.
- We believe that all work and no play never works.

How We Act
- We show up on time and when we are supposed to.
- We take pride in our work.
- We maintain a flexible, high energy atmosphere.
- We strive to help others succeed.
- We tolerate mistakes.
- We base compensation on value and results.
- We are casual and family friendly.
- We think and act like the owners that we are. 


Royal Engineered Composites is committed to providing a culture to grow and be the industry leader through:
  - Customer service
  - Engineering support
  - On-time delivery
  - Be the employer of choice


Royal Engineered Composites is a strategic ally and trusted partner in relentless pursuit of our customer’s success.


Royal Engineered Composites exists to be a self-sustaining entity, challenging and growing people.