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Bigger Parts, Bigger Opportunities Ahead

June 13, 2013

Construction of Royal’s 12’ x 30’ autoclave is progressing. ASC Process Systems, the autoclave’s manufacturer, is expecting to ship the machine next month from their facilities in Valencia, California. The autoclave is so large that the semi transporting it to Royal’s facilities will require police escorts in California, Nevada, parts of Utah, and Nebraska.

The 12’ x 30’ clave will make its home in Royal’s newest addition and will join five other autoclaves, the largest of which is 8’ x 16’. Upon arrival at Royal, the machine will have to be carefully maneuvered into the building as there will only be two inches of spare room on each side of its point of entry.

The new autoclave is 4.2 times larger in working volume than Royal’s next largest machine and will allow Royal to cure more parts per load as well as cure bigger parts than what they have been capable of doing in the past.

Throughout the previous few years, Royal has been striving to increase capacity to allow for future growth. The company has completed part one of its three-part expansion and has invested capital in new equipment, including the new autoclave and a water jet cutter. “We are accommodating our future growth by making these investments now,” said Jarrod Ridge, Business Development Manager for Royal. “We have a lot of new projects in place and hope to see many more as we continue our growth.”