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Royal Completes Green Projects

May 10, 2013

Royal Engineered Composites continues to pur forth effort to reduce its ecological footprint. The majority of recent projects have focused on reducing waste, which is beneficial to Royal, its customers, and the Minden community. Here are some highlights from 2012. 

Top 15 Green Projects from 2012

1. Installed motion-activated exhaust fans in the restrooms and motion-activated lighting in refers and closets.
2. Switched from trash dumpsters with pick up twice per week to a compactor that is dumped every two weeks
3. T12 lighting was replaced with T5 lighting, which has a greater efficiency
4. Installed programmable thermostats throughout the facilities to reduce electricity usage 
5. Air compressor cooling fans produce heat inside in the winter and exhaust outside in the summer
6. Old oil is sold to a local construction company to be used in paving projects
7. Trees, flowers, and additional landscaping were added to the property
8. LED lights, which use less electricity and have a longer life span than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, were installed in the freezers
9. Five water dispenses were dispersed throughout the facilities to reduce plastic bottle usage and promote healthy lifestyles
10. Aluminum chips, scrap metal, stainless steel caul plates, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and paper continue to be recycled
11. Thermocyclers and infrared heat are used to efficiently heat large areas
12. Reservoir tanks for air compressors are now located outside for increased efficiency
13. The capacitor bank on the new electrical service improves reactive power and increases efficiency in addition to having surge suppression
14. Air turnover is every ten minutes in the new addition thanks to powered filter inlet louvers
15. HVAC systems were upgraded from R22 refrigerant to R410a because of its decreased effects on the ozone