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Royal's New Equipment Sets Stage for Continued Growth

August 22, 2013

Royal's new 12'x30' autoclave is near the end of its installation process. The clave arrived at Royal's facilities on July 26 and was nestled into its custom pit on August 3. Since then, crews have been working to complete installation. It is expected to be operational by September 6.

As part of continued efforts to increase their manufacturing capacity and capabilities, Royal made the initial move to procure long-lead materials for the autoclave in 2012. Earlier this year, construction crews began preparing Royal's facilities for the new equipment, and a 66'x33' area of reinforced concrete was set into the floor 5' deep in Royal's newest addition.

The 12' diameter autoclave joins five other autoclaves and adds approximately 30 percent capacity to Royal's available product flows. Royal has also added a Composite Machining Center (CMC) Flow 5-axis Water Jet cutter capable of trimming parts from the new clave. Through such efforts, Royal is creating an extremely agile environment that is necessary to respond promptly and effectively to customers' needs and wants. Royal, at 82,000 square feet of building, has room to grow. 


According to Jarrod Ridge, Business Development Manager, "The addition of this autoclave as well as the addition of the CMC establishes Royal's ability to take on significantly larger and more complex composite projects in an effort to better serve both our current and future customers."

Mr. Ridge also extended an invitation to view Royal's facilities. "We are very proud of the growth that Royal is seeing as a company and feel that this progress is reflected within our facilities, so please come see our efforts as they continue to come to fruition."