ROYAL ENGINEERED COMPOSITES Performance you need today. Technology you’ll need tomorrow.
  • Royal’s Recent Ratings: Northrop Grumman Corp. Aerospace Integrated Systems (Blue) ***** Bell Helicopter (Green) ***** Lockheed Martin (Quality – 100 and Delivery – 100) ***** Raytheon (Quality – Blue and Delivery – Blue) ***** Nadcap Audit Results (Zero Major Findings) ***** Royal Delivery Rating (99.6% On-Time Delivery in February 2014 and 97.8% On-Time Delivery in 2013)
  • Saving You Time

    Our focus is on reducing risk & mistakes from the start. 

  • On-Time Performance

    We deliver 98% on-time and always call if we'll be late.

  • Communication

    You will always know where your parts are.

  • Powered for Growth

    Equipment & vision to support your future needs.

Moving forward with Royal

Our latest news...

Royal Posts a Recruiting Video

Royal has just posted a new video giving an overview of our shop floor and some of the processes we see every day.   To learn more about Royal Engineered Composites, visit

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