To show our appreciation for our employees and help them support their lives away from work, we offer a number of benefits to their employees. Below is a list of some of these benefits as well as a short description. It is important to note that not all employees qualify for all of the benefits listed and that each of the benefits are governed by a document that details eligibility, enrollment and other important guidelines.

Benefit Description
Health Insurance A Qualified High Deductible Health Plan (QHDHP) through United Healthcare is offered with an individual deductible of $4,000 or a family deductible of $8,000.
Dental Insurance Royal offers 2 dental plans through Principal to provide you choices to help you and your family obtain quality dental care. Both a PPO and a Buy up plan are offered. Coverage includes two free routine cleanings per calendar year.
Vision Insurance Administered by EyeMed, Royal’s vision insurance covers eye exams once every 12 months. Contacts, lenses and frames are also either covered or have copays or allowances provided.
Health Savings Account (HSA) Royal matches dollar for dollar up to certain limits based on coverage and enrollment. Up to $1,200 for individual coverage and $1,800 for family coverage.
Group Voluntary Term Life (VTL) Rates are determined based on age and use of tobacco with initial enrollment guarantees of up to $100,000 for employees. Coverage is also available for spouses and children.
Short Term Disability (STD) Coverage is paid for entirely by Royal. Primary benefit is 60% of pre-disability earnings with a 15 calendar day wait period.
Long Term Disability (LTD) Coverage is paid for entirely by Royal. Primary benefit is 60% of pre-disability earnings.
Term Life Insurance Life insurance coverage paid for entirely by Royal. Benefit amount is $25,000 for ages under 70 years and $10,000 for ages 70+.
Accident Insurance Offered by Transamerica, Accident Insurance can help you pay for medical bills and other out-of-pocket expenses that often arise after an unexpected injury.
Hospital Indemnity Insurance Offered by Transamerica, Hospital Indemnity Insurance pays benefits for expenses that arise if you or a covered family member end up in the hospital.
Critical Illness Insurance Offered by Transamerica, Critical Illness Insurance can help you pay the costs associated with the initial diagnosis of hearth attack, stroke or other serious illness.
Healthcare Bluebook Healthcare Bluebook is an added healthcare benefit to help you shop for care, compare facilities, and save money on healthcare services.
Virtual Doctor Visits Getting to the doctor when you’re sick isn’t always easy. See a doctor anywhere, anytime online or on your phone. Virtual visits can be used for many non-emergency medical conditions including bronchitis, cold/flu, allergies, pinkeye, rash, sinus problems, sore throat etc.
Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Retirement Savings Plan. Based on Vested status, employees are eligible to receive stock distributions from Royal from contributions made to the plan based on the valuation of the company.
401K Retirement Savings Plan. Employees may reduce compensation by a specific percentage and have that amount contributed to the 401K Retirement Plan on a pre-tax basis.
Paid Time Off (PTO) PTO rate, depending on seniority, is accrued from hours worked (not to exceed 2080 hours) per calendar year.
Paid Holidays Eight paid holidays per calendar year: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Employees are granted five free confidential visits each year for mental health needs, financial and legal resources as well as free online will preparation.
Referral Bonus Employees who refer an applicant will receive $250 if the applicant is hired and reaches 60-days. An additional $250 is given after 6-months of employment.
Incentive Bonus Amounts are determined by the President and paid from corresponding months gross wages.
Safety Glasses Royal will reimburse employees up to $150 for prescription single lenses and up to $200 for prescription multifocal lenses for the purchase of ANSI approved industrial safety prescription eyewear.
Tuition Reimbursement Royal encourages professional growth of employees by offering Tuition and book reimbursement up to $2,500 per calendar year.
Wellness Program A variety of programs throughout the year including monthly programs, newsletters, and health screenings.
Shift Differential Any employee that is regularly scheduled to work their shift after 12 p.m. shall receive a shift differential. Current rate is 10%. For Weekend shift employees the current rate is 20%.