Dave Arnold will speak at “The Hangar” during the SAE AeroTech Congress and Exhibition

September 13, 2017

Dave Arnold, President of Royal, will be speaking at the SAE AeroTech Congress and Exhibition, in Fort Worth, TX, Wednesday, September 27 in “The Hangar”. “The Hangar” is the newest addition on the exhibition floor. He will be sharing a time slot with Don Kinard, Senior Technical Fellow and Deputy,  F-35 Fighter Production System, of Lockheed Martin.

Arnold’s speech is entitled “A New Paradigm Emerges: Economical Aerospace Composites.” The message focuses on providing a different perspective on the inefficient methods in the aerospace industry and offers some fresh ideas on how to make composites more economical.

Arnold’s abstract states: “We sometimes forget some of the simplest and most effective improvements actually come from changes in the systems and requirements.” Arnold hopes that this message can serve to expose some simple, fundamental changes that could have big impacts that many attending the conference would take home and seek to implement.

The SAE AeroTech Congress and Exhibition is a three day exhibition that provides an opportunity to hear keynote speakers, network, mingle and see the newest technological advances in the aerospace industry. Please consider attending and catching “The Hangar” speeches on the exhibition floor throughout the week; both are open to the public.


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