Royal donates more than 400 pounds of food to the Closet

June 5, 2017

(Minden, NE) –  Earlier this month, employees at Royal Engineered Composite donated 433 pounds of food to the Closet as part of their “Pound for Pound” food drive challenge. The challenge was the final activity of this year’s Biggest Loser weight loss contest.

Royal’s Wellness Team hosted the eight-week long Biggest Loser Challenge that ended on April 14th and included weekly challenges and weigh-ins. Employees lost a total of 415 pounds during this time, and used that as the goal for the food drive.

Overall, Royal had 53 employees participate in both individual and team challenges and awarded prizes to the winners of each categories. The group to lose the highest percentage of their combined body weight won the team challenge. This year’s winning team lost 11.37% of their body weight and received a $400 cash award. The winner in the men’s individual lost 16.72% and the women’s individual lost 6.71%; both individual winners also received cash prizes.

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